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Lower Lat Rows


The lower lat rows are a specific strength-training exercise that targets the lower part of the latissimus dorsi muscles in the back. Usually executed with a cable machine or resistance bands, this exercise involves a forward-hinged posture, from either a seated or slightly squatted stance. The individual pulls the weight towards the hip area, ensuring the elbows stay close to the body, which isolates and engages the lower lats more intensely than traditional lat exercises. This movement is crucial for enhancing the V-taper look of the back, boosting functional strength, and supporting spine health.


  1. From the seated position, grab onto the handle
  2. Breathe in and pull the handle towards your body
  3. Focus on flexing your lats, with your secondary focus on your shoulders
  4. Make sure to bring the handle as close to your body as possible
  5. Hold the position for half a second
  6. Breathe out and bring the handle back to default
  7. Repeat

Range of Motion for Lower Lat Rows

The range of motion in lower lat rows is paramount to their effectiveness and hinges on precise engagement of the targeted muscles. Starting with the arms fully extended while maintaining a slight bend in the elbows to avoid strain, the individual initiates the movement by retracting the shoulder blades, then smoothly pulling the elbows back and down toward their hips, following the natural arc of motion conducive to the latissimus dorsi. It’s essential that the contraction goes as deep as comfortably possible without leaning back, ensuring maximum engagement of the lower lats. The return phase is equally vital, necessitating a controlled release of the weight or tension, extending the arms back to the starting position and allowing for a slight stretch in the muscles, thus completing one full, effective range of motion. This focused and deliberate movement ensures safety, prevents the involvement of non-targeted muscle groups, and maximizes the exercise’s impact on the lower lat regions.

Benefits of Lower Lat Rows

The lower lat rows exercise, a staple in strength and bodybuilding routines, offers a multitude of benefits, both aesthetic and functional. Primarily, it targets the lower portion of the latissimus dorsi, an area often neglected in standard back training routines. By focusing on this region, individuals can develop a more defined V-tapered back, contributing to a balanced upper body silhouette. This is particularly beneficial for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts desiring a sculpted appearance. Beyond aesthetics, strengthening this area of the lats ensures a more uniform muscle development, aiding in the overall functionality of the back and shoulders. It provides improved force generation in pulling movements, potentially enhancing performance in various sports and physical activities.

In addition to muscle sculpting, lower lat rows play a significant role in promoting healthy posture and spine stability. The act of pulling the weight down towards the hips against resistance necessitates the engagement of the core, lower back, and glutes, areas instrumental in maintaining a strong posture. By strengthening these supporting muscles, individuals may experience relief from back pain, particularly in the lumbar region, and see improvements in overall spinal health. Moreover, the exercise encourages proper scapular retraction and shoulder mechanics, which combat the effects of the rounded-shoulder posture prevalent in today’s desk-bound lifestyles. Consequently, incorporating lower lat rows can be instrumental in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and fostering of greater bodily well-being and resilience in daily life.


Lower Lat Rows Example

Muscle Targets

  • Lats Primary
  • Shoulders Secondary
  • Upper back Secondary

Muscle Anatomy

Front Back
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