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Front Shoulder Cable Raise


The Front Shoulder Cable Raise is a focused strength exercise that isolates and develops the front deltoid muscles in your shoulders. To do it, you’ll need a cable machine with a low-pulley attachment and a single-grip handle. Set the appropriate weight, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and face the machine. Grasp the handle with an overhand grip, extend your arm, and keep your core engaged. Slowly raise the handle in front of you until your arm is parallel to the ground or slightly higher, then lower it back down. This exercise builds shoulder strength, stability, and aesthetics when included in a comprehensive shoulder workout routine.


  1. Grab onto the handle
  2. Breathe in and bring the handle up
  3. Raise the handle towards the front of your body
  4. Keep your arm extended for the duration of the exercise
  5. Breathe out and bring the handle back to the rest
  6. Repeat to the desired repetitions

Range of Motion for Front Shoulder Cable Raise

The Front Shoulder Cable Raise offers a relatively limited range of motion. When performing this exercise, you typically start with the handle resting near your thigh and raise it in front of you until your arm is parallel to the ground or slightly higher. The key is to maintain strict control throughout the movement, avoiding any excessive swinging or jerking of the weight. The controlled range of motion is essential to effectively target the front deltoid muscles while minimizing the involvement of other muscle groups. Overextending the range of motion may lead to improper form and potentially increase the risk of injury, so it’s crucial to execute this exercise with precision and within the defined range for optimal results.

Benefits of Front Shoulder Cable Raise

The Front Shoulder Cable Raise offers several notable benefits for individuals looking to strengthen and sculpt their shoulder muscles. Firstly, this exercise effectively targets the front deltoids, helping to enhance shoulder aesthetics by developing the muscles responsible for that rounded, well-defined appearance. Well-developed front deltoids can contribute to a balanced and symmetrical shoulder profile. Additionally, this exercise can help improve overall shoulder stability and function, which is essential for everyday activities and athletic performance. Strong front deltoids play a crucial role in various upper body movements, such as pushing and lifting, making them valuable for functional strength.

Secondly, the controlled nature of the Front Shoulder Cable Raise promotes joint health and reduces the risk of injury. By isolating the front deltoids and minimizing the involvement of other muscle groups, this exercise places less strain on the shoulder joints, reducing the risk of overuse injuries. Proper execution of this exercise also helps improve shoulder mobility and flexibility, which is essential for maintaining joint health and preventing stiffness. Overall, the Front Shoulder Cable Raise is a versatile exercise that not only contributes to a well-defined physique but also enhances shoulder strength, stability, and long-term joint health.


Front Shoulder Cable Raise Example

Muscle Targets

  • Shoulders Primary
  • Lats Secondary

Muscle Anatomy

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